The New London Gay Scene

London. Britain has many cities for gays. But London has become the main capital and point of attraction in Britain. Birmingham become less gay year after year. Manchester and Brighton has still some gay attraction but gay-people from Britain are now going to London.

The London scene can really be looked at as 3 gay distict areas.


The traditional gay area is Soho, which centres around the famous Old Compton street, and still the main hub of gay bars in London. Popular for tourist and connections downtown. Soho is world famous for it's bars and cafe culture, with some cool shopping venues too.


While 10 years ago more clubs were opened up south of the river in Vauxhall, which can be dubbed as the second 'Gay Village' of London. This is the party area for the club kids, bears, muscle guys and to start the weekend wild. Home to some of the most legendary nights and superclubs in London such as Fire, Area and fetish bars. Parties all weekend and never stops. While in Summer , the outside terras become a dance area. Last two years , Vauxhall goes slightly downward for gays. More straight people find their way to Vauxhall and some concepts are not so funny anymore, outside some exceptions.

London's East End:

The newest gay area in London will be in the east. London's East End is where the new gay, mixed and coolest set in London now hang out now. The scene here is very bit different and there is an eclectic mix of some of the coolest bars, pubs , venues,parties and gay people in London.
source / author : Mark


Bars and clubs in London


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