The Argos bar Amsterdam is closed

Amsterdam. The oldest leather bar in Europe ,the Argos bar in Amsterdam ,had closed its doors by the declining number of visitors. The barís history:

A history going back to 1957. The Argos bar had a famous reputation in the leather community. The Argos bar in 95 Warmoesstraat was the 3the Argos bar in Amsterdam.

The first Argos was a guesthouse (former Hotel Tiemersma) open by Sako Jan Tiemersma and Anton Johan Kennedy in 1957 and later become a bar for leathermen.It was located on 22 Warmoesstraat.

They open a second establishment bar in 1965 on the Heintje Hoekssteeg. In 1977 ,the fire department closed the Argos Guesthouse.

Barmen Kees Raadschelders took over the Argos Bar in the Heintje Hoekssteeg and in 1979 he bought a building at 95 Warmoesstraat and decided to move the bar over there. The 3the Argos. But others were also interested and Kees wasn't happy that Paul Wierks open another leatherbar just across the Argos on the same year.

The Argos Bar was the most favorite place for leathered from all over Europe with his original character. In 2010 the Argos closed its doos for renovation by the new owners of leathershop ROB. In 2012 Argos opened its doors again with a larger cruise area and more features.

The Argos bar in Amsterdam ,had closed its doors again after 2 years with one last Farewell Party on Friday, 2nd of January 2015.

Future of Argos venue is unknown.
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