Paris Circuit Party 2011 first time

Paris. It is the countdown has started... more than a few less before the launch of the first festival Gay / LGBT Paris. Weekend Productions is working now full to meet in the first season. The evening official Paris Tour Party, will take place for the first time in France in a room of 3500 square meters with more than 20m high ceiling and can accommodate 5000 people: The Dock Pullman, located on the outskirts of Paris (Porte de la Chapelle), in a private and fully secure. The largest room built recently in Paris that allows us to offer you a fully choreographed show, and an unforgettable evening worthy of the biggest international gay festival. A scene of almost 40m , a hundred LED screen allowing us to offer the best editing and video creation, pharaonic decor, laser shows, 40 suckers on stage, air shows, fire-eaters, and many others. What to change rooms which we all used to and accompanying us every day! Rebeka Brown is almost 15 years of a life of love with gays around the world, still glamorous, beautiful, proud and beautiful! Rebecca is very happy to come to the meeting of the French public, and Paris, she meets the public especially... abroad! Now we must show that we also know to party with us.
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