Sunday 30 April 2017

Coming out of the closet

. Comming Out of the closet, or simply 'Comming Out', is a metaphor for Gay people to tell others that they are gay. (also other kinds of gender). 'Comming Out' is understood to introduction themself into the gay subculture of life. On a personal level, there are internal conflicts involving being gay. Most people , suggest that everone is straight , will mary and get childeren.

Coming out has described as a process to get more Mature and as introduction into the Aldult life.

Some LGBT youth become aware of their identity and accept their gay/gender identity in a way similar to which straight teens or aldult does. The only way that people do not Comming Out is:-You're not sure or think of have problems with their parents or school / work. Come on, we live in the 21st century. But in small regions and outside the big cities, Comming Out does not seem as evendident.

But when shall I do my Coming out and how? Most of the youngsters did their Coming out today on social networks, like You Tube. But the best thing is to get your Coming out first in your immediate area of friends and family before do it public.

There are many You Tube Coming Out videos, but what happens afterwards. Here's a nice video of an Austrian boy ,frozenpotato , who tells how he has experienced his coming out afterwards. A nice start for many.

By markverb
Photo: Effatum

For people who have questions about their Comming Out, they can contact a gay organizations in their area.

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