Sunday 18 February 2018

Leatherpride Antwerpen 2012

Leatherpride by Jeroen Van Lievenoogen.

We are about to enjoy the third edition of Leatherpride. Is it just a party for you or a lot more?
The two previous editions have cemented Leatherpride as an important date on the fetish party calendar, but there is indeed much more to it.
From the beginning we have had three goals, which we are gradually achieving.
These are, to make the gay fetish scene stronger, overcome prejudices against the scene and the third supporting organisations that are concerned about the welfare of gay men and STDs/ HIV.

Overcoming prejudices you say, you mean then that in the leather scene, there are just old men with beards who only have unprotected sex?
Exactly, you have hit the nail right on the head. As clients who frequent The Boots, Oink Club & Rox will agree the fetish scene comprises a very diverse public. Fetish is also something that attracts many young gay men.

Are you worried that young people could act irresponsibly leading to violent or unfortunate situations?
Look, there too I think we have a shared responsibility.
We inform our visitors and raise awareness regarding safe sex. Condoms, lubricant and gloves are provided free of charge.
We bring attention to the campaigns of Sensoa (editors note, Flemish Expertise Centre for Sexual Health) through hanging large posters in the clubs here.

There are some great parties on the program for leatherpride, but what can a visitor to the event do to entertain himself during the day in Antwerp?
Well, also this year we have a daytime program that is stronger than ever before.
Several gay shops are participating in fun activities as part of Leather Pride.
Certainly you can't miss the Popi Leatherpride city bus tour on Saturday afternoon where Antwerpsā€™ most successful transvestite Pippi will take you on a tour of the city with glasses of bubbly.
Here you'll undoubtedly learn the most interesting things about Antwerp.

And of course you should not forget that Antwerp itself was proclaimed as one of the 10 cities that you really should visit by ALonely Planet's Bestą¯. The beautiful city is home to great architecture and shopping, it never ends in this fashionable city par excellence.

Photo credits: copyright 'Fleshblack'

Leatherpride Antwerpen 2012 2

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© Gaybiz : Jeroen - 19/01/2012



This year, the main official party of SLEAZYMADRID 2018 will be under the name of SLEAZY ROOMS.


Mr Leather Europe Joe King about everyone wellcome

Everybody Wellcome seeks to address issues around the lack of inclusivity in the European leather scene. Presentation by Mr Leather Europe Joe King.

The work of REX exhibition REXWORLD retrospective

The "work of REX" was decades ahead of it's time, and a precursor of our gay world today. February 23-25 ,2018 - exhibition REXWORLD-retrospective in Antwerp,

United Queens

Some call them transvestites, the other Drag Queens. They choose themselves often for the name Show Queen.

The 8th edition of The Cruise in 2018

The 8th edition of The Cruise powered by LA DEMENCE is going back to the Mediterranean Sea with a departure from Barcelona to Palermo, Catania, Malta, Palma de Mallorca and back to Barcelona.

Julien Guilmain is Mister Bear Belgium 2018

Julien Guilmain is Mister Bear Belgium 2018. It was a very successful edition with a sparkling show.

100000 visitors and participants on Antwerp Pride Parade 2017

At the Pride Parade at Antwerp Pride 2017 there were no fewer than 100000 visitors and participants. Also the Love United Festival can count on many celebrating visitors. Rain weather causes less turnout than last year.

New event Pride Night at Antwerp Pride

Antwerp Pride Night is a brand new initiative by some of Antwerp's leading openminded parties: Pride Nighton on saterday Antwerp Pride.

Also rainbow zebra crossings in Antwerp to Suikerrui and Minderbroedersrui

Antwerp also receives Antwerp Pride rainbow walkways. The two locations are the junction of the Suikerrui with the Ernest Van Dijckkaai and at the intersection of Lange Koepoortstraat with the Minderbroedersrui and St. Paul's Square.

10 years Antwerp Pride 2017 Anniversary edition

Ten years Antwerp Pride, ten years 'love united'. The history of these 10 years and the Anniversary edition.

Jaimie Deblieck is Mister Gay Belgium 2017.

In the final gala of Mister Gay Belgium on Sunday, May 27, 2017 in Theater Elckerlyc in Antwerp, 18-year-old Jaimie Deblieck from Roeselare (B) chose as Mister Gay Belgium 2017.

More then 90000 visitors on the 22th Belgian Pride

90000 visitors on the 22th Belgian Pride 2017 parade on may,6 . Big sunsine in the afternoon , and lot of music and people all over the country.

Leather and F*tish pride Belgium

From 15-20 February 2017, the 8th edition of Leather & F*tish Pride Belgium will take place in Antwerp.

Kriss from Brussels is Mr Bear Belgium 2016

For the sixth consecutive year, had welcome Bears from all over Europe on 6 to 9 October 2016. This gay event (previously known as “Bear Weekend”) has taken place for the first time as “BELGIUM BEAR PRIDE” in 2014.

Documentary Film and The Cruise 2017 dates

The Cruise (La Demence) are veru happy to announce that the Cruise dates will be on sail from Monday 18th of September to Monday 25th of September 2017.

90,000 visitors to the Antwerp Pride Parade

More than 90,000 visitors to the Antwerp Pride Parade Saturday. Antwerp Pride Parade was with 52 delegations greater than ever.

Raf Van Puymbroeck (22) from Belgium has become Mister Gay Europe 2016

Raf Van Puymbroeck (22) from Belgium has become in the Norwegian village Oppdal Mister Gay Europe 2016. Joni George Valdares (28) from England and Danni Arndt Sigen (29) from Denmark are 2nd and 3th.



Bear - Necessity celebrates 10th Anniversary

Famous Bear - Necessity celebrates 10th Anniversary on 3rd February 2018 at Club Panama Amsterdam.Until now, Bear-Necessity has organized more than 130 parties in many countries.

Raymond is Mister Leather Europe 2017

Raymond is Mister Leather Europe 2017. Hij kreeg de Shag van de vorige Mr Leather Europe 2016 na een schitterende euroshow en met felicitaties van het publiek.

Evert Leerson is Mister Leather Netherlands 2018

Evert Leerson is 1ste Mister Leather Netherlands 2018 . Evert got the title of the five-piece jury and the audience.

Canal Parade Pride Amsterdam

The Canal Parade has started . The best free festival of the year! The Canal Parade starts at 13.00hrs at the Oosterdok port

Amsterdam Pride 2017 started

The Pride of Amsterdam starts from 29 July to 6 August 2017. The festival lasts nine days and the highlight is the annual Canal Parade on Saturday, August 5th.

Gaybars may open late hours at Gaypride Amsterdam

Gaybars may open late hours during Gaypride Amsterdam. The exemptions on opening hours are therefore permitted.

Marcel van Doorn is Mister Bear Netherlands 2017

Marcel van Doorn is the proud Mister Bear Netherlands 2017. He is 44, lives in Amsterdam and Paris and works in the fashion world.