Saturday 18 January 2014

5th annual Prague Pride festival and parade The 5th annual Prague Pride festival has started with events, parties and a colourful parade. The “Bearded lady” Conchita Wurst will kick off Prague Pride 2015 .

25th Anniversary Brighton Pride Brighton's Annual parade as one of the most exciting events during the Pride. Over 160,000 visitors will have a spectacle this weekends, with Rainbow colours n glitter.

The Black Cap venue is closed (incl. update) London's oldest and most iconic gay venue, The Black Cap, has closed its doors after almost 300 years. The motto of The Black Cap was 'Just Be Fabulous'

The Malabar Station in Nice celebrates its 6 years The Malabar Station in Nice celebrates its 6 years. The Malabar became over the years the place, the evenue to be in the port area of Nice and as we called ,the Marais Petit de Nice.

37th CSD Berlin - Christopher Street Day 2015 Christopher Street Day is held in Berlin in June of every year. LGBT+ people demonstrate here for equal rights , specially gay marriage. CSD Berlin is a huge party on the streets of Berlin and parade.

23rd annual Lesbian and Gay Festival - Europe's largest Gay Festival Berlin The 23rd annual Lesbian and Gay Festival - Europe largest. As usual, it is being held at the traditional gay stomping ground around Nollendorfplatz in Schöneberg.

Robert W Richards exhibition at CSD Berlin WERKSTATTGALERIE open the first Berlin exhibition of illustrator Robert W. Richards part of CSD Berlin and streetparty on Montzstrasse.

Queer Olympics in Sochi

QUEER OLYMPICS on Saturday 15 February 2014. Even the supporters of Queeramnesty support this action. That these colorful counter-event to the Winter Games in Sochi have a serious background,  makes Ben Reichel of Queeramnesty Hamburg clear:

"A few months ago , Russia has adopted a vaguely worded law for the entire Russian Federation,  the discrimination of LGBTI people and a number of organizations , campaigning for LGBTI rights in Russia , institutionalized. The law restricts the rights to freedom of speech and assembly, the LGBTI persons and has nationwide triggered a wave of violence against LGBTI. Human rights have a total hard in Russia. The state does not trust its citizens deeply.  Since the beginning of the third term of President Putin, the room for maneuver of civil society are growing ever closer.  Demonstrations are banned or broken up violently,  with new laws, the freedom of expression is curtailed and restricted the all important engagement of non-governmental organizations.  That including many LGBTI organizations, it Queeramnesty Hamburg was able to make in 2013 in St. Petersburg for yourself."

Queeramnesty will be on February 15 with local information and report of these experiences in St. Petersburg.
Photo: Queeraction