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The Gay-scene in the city of Frankfurt (Main) concentrates in Gay Bermuda-Dreieck around the Konstabler Wache square, the area Alte Gasse ,Schäfergasse Stiftstrasse ,Bleichstrasse and Brönnerstrasse. Here you find several cafe's, stern, clubs and a sauna. Frankfurt is known as the headquarters of the Euro and its major international airport. Very known are annual CSD parade.


Eschersheimer Landstraße 88     Frankfurt
Sun-Thu:12AM to 2AM. Fri to Sat:12AM -4
Saunawerk-00 (Frankfurt)

3 Faces

Bleichstraße 38a      Frankfurt
Mon-Fri from 11AM .Sat,Sun Brunch from 10AM
3 Faces-00 (Frankfurt)

Barcode Frankfurt

Homburger Straße 28     Frankfurt
6PM -1AM
Barcode Frankfurt-00 (Frankfurt)

Birmingham Pub

Battonnstraße 50     Frankfurt
Mon-Sat:11AM to 6AM Sun:12AM to 6AM
Birmingham Pub-00 (Frankfurt)


Elefantengasse 11-13      Frankfurt
Mon-Thu 8PM-2AM Fri + Sat:8PM-3AM
Central-00 (Frankfurt)

CK studio

Alte Gasse 5     Frankfurt
CK studio-00 (Frankfurt)

CLB (Piper red lounge)

Bleichstraße 38     Frankfurt
from 6PM
CLB-00 (Frankfurt)
15/07/2017 - Men's Club V CSD 2017

Come Back

Alte Gasse 33     Frankfurt
from 6PM ( to 5AM )
Come Back-00 (Frankfurt)


Alte Gasse 26     Frankfurt
from 8PM
HALO-00 (Frankfurt)


Große Friedberger Straße 7-11     Frankfurt
Mon to Thu:12AM to 7AM Fri,Sat,Sun:12AM (Fri)-> 7AM (Mon)
Metropol-Sauna-00 (Frankfurt)


Alte Gasse 36     Frankfurt
din-Thu:7PM-Midnight Fri:7PM-1AM Sat:8PM-Midnight Sun:6PM-11PM
Switchboard-00 (Frankfurt)


Elefantengasse 11     Frankfurt
Mon to Sun:5PM to 4AM
Tangerine-00 (Frankfurt)

The Stall

Stiftstraße 22     Frankfurt
Mon-Sun:from 9PM / 10PM -4AM
The Stall-00 (Frankfurt)

Zum Schwejk

Schäfergasse 20     Frankfurt
Mon 4PM -1AM ,di-Thu 12AM -1AM Fri + Sat 12AM -2 ,Sun 3PM -1-Midnight
Zum Schwejk-00 (Frankfurt)

Zur Hex

Elefantengasse 11     Frankfurt
Zur Hex-00 (Frankfurt)

La Gata

Seehofstraße 3   Frankfurt

Lucky s

Grosse Friedbergerstraße 26   Frankfurt
vanaf 15:00 uur

Amsterdam Clubsauna

Waidmannstraße 31   Frankfurt
ma - zat 14.00 - 23.00 uur zon gesloten


Alte Gasse 34   Frankfurt

Grande Opera

Christian-Pless-Str. 11-13   Offenbach am Main
woe+don: 19:00-01:00 uur vrij + zat : 20:00-03:00 uur zon: 18:00-23:00 uur

Jerome Kino&Shop

Elbestraße 17   Frankfurt


Alte Gasse 24   Frankfurt
din tot zat 11.00 - 18.00 uur + ma tot zon : 20.00 - ?? uur

Le Bar Homme

Neue Krame   Frankfurt
vanaf 20:00 uur

Na und

Klapperfeldstraße 16   Frankfurt
ma - zon : vanaf 20.00 uur


Klapperfeldstraße 16   Frankfurt

New Man

Kaiserstraße 66   Frankfurt
ma - zat : 9.00-24.00 uur zon: 12.00-24.00 uur


An der Staufenmauer 5   Frankfurt
ma - zat : 10.00 tot 22.00 uur


Riegerplatz 3   Darmstadt
ma 18:00 - 24:00 din tot zat : 10:00 tot 01:00 zon 10:00 tot 24:00 uur

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