Blonde On Thursday 8th Birthday

Hamburg. BAD celebrates anniversary

  They wanted to sip a few Long Iceland Ice , some tonic drink (well, a few dashes of gin were in there too) and a few beers.

  The overflowed on 4 November 2004, in a fun party, and so at that time were Matthias, Norman, Niels, Daniel and goal: we do it now every week.

The Thursday meeting Blond was born on Thursday, and since then to push more and more hungry gaypeople on this party.'One thing is certain. Unless there is the G-Bar, Solage is also Blonde On Thursday</b > to give the BAD-he agreed.' And that they are still able to celebrate as 2004, they will on Saturday, 17th November from 20.00 clock. Then the 8-year-old will be duly celebrated with a lavish birthday party : True to their motto.! Curtain on the cups and high.

The G-Bar is a popular gaybar Hamburg in the gay neighborhood and street.
source / author : G Bar
Photo: G Bar

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