Hamburg. HAMBURG PRIDE 2013.

 Was in October 2012 the CSD motto of the Hamburg Community: majority Diversity-It's your choice! This motto was it then also to design graphically. "The slogan inspired by the upcoming Election on. "

Under the new motto "majority of diversity-you have a choice," calls the HAMBURG PRIDE 2013, the legal equality of LGBTQI community; a requirement that also in the next federal election in September 2013 is relevant at the end of last year. the HAMBURG PRIDE this year from 27 July to 4 Soon </ b> 2013 presents. The Hamburg Grabarz and partners visualized this year Motto and gave the same subject more than just a face. The name Rubikuss baptized, shows the CSD Visual 2013 an Rubik's cube, in which the individual elements (to) kissing faces were provided. The Cube is symbolic of many choices and thus also provide for diversity. Who has the choice to be spoiled?

That this need not be so always, is another key message of the Although this year's campaign. Pride Hamburg eV speaks no choice recommendation out but still want to use the year of the election as a platform to give his claims even more expression.

 In the election should Self-interests of each are in the foreground, but also the rights and Interests of the community are key reasons that a can lead either relevant decision.

 "How does a majority of diversity can stand, we currently have in our neighboring country France watch. President Hollande made the legal equality homosexual couples to an election promise, to which it then-despite Protests and counter-demonstrations-has held, "said Marc-Pierre Hoeft the further idea behind the subject.
source / author : Gaybars.eu

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