Tuesday 30 June 2015


Hamburg (Hansestadt) is a city north of Germany. It is on one after largest city of the country and tevens the most important port city. City lies to the river the Elbe. The place to be is the Gay and Lesbian district of St. George and St.Pauli . The famous street is the Reeperbahn in St. Pauli district. This is where visitors from all over the world come to party, laugh and blush. But the Reeperbahn is more than just blue movies and red lights. There are also decent pubs, shops, clubs, cafés and restaurants and many gaybars. For performing arts you can go to the Operettenhaus, Schmidt Theater, Schmidts Tivoli and Cafe Keese with its Quatsch Comedy Club. The gay district is St.George with the Lange Reihe street.

Contact Mens Bar

Danziger Straße 51 Hamburg
Contact ist eine neue schwule
din,Thu:10PM -4AM Wed,Sun:10PM -4AM Fri,Sat:10PM -...
Contact Mens Bar-87150 (Hamburg)
01/07/2015 - Bar-Night
02/07/2015 - Open House


Lange Reihe 81 Hamburg

Sun-Thu:4PM -2AM Fri-Sat:4PM -4AM
Generation-Bar-120150 (Hamburg)


Talstraße 14 Hamburg

from 10PM
Wunderbar-178200 (Hamburg)
04/07/2015 - WUNDERBAR
17/07/2015 - Miss WunderBar Wahl 2015 Fr 17 Juli 2000

Bellini gaybar

Danzigerstraße 63 Hamburg
small pub in st. George for gays and friends
Mon-Sat:5PM-4 Sun:3PM-2
Bellini Bar-100150 (Hamburg)

Cube Cafe

Lange Reihe 88 Hamburg

Cube Cafe-150126 (Hamburg)

Daniels Company

Kreuzweg 6 Hamburg

7PM -...
Daniels Company-77150 (Hamburg)

Dragon Sauna

Pulverteich 37 Hamburg
1PM-12PM Fri-Sun:12PM/12PM nonstop
Dragon Sauna-112131 (Hamburg)


Zimmerpforte 1 Hamburg

11AM to 4AM (5AM )
Extratour-106110 (Hamburg)


Kleiner Pulverteich 25 Hamburg
at St.Pauli, side street of the Reeperbahn Bar with play- and backroom , Andreascross, Cage. No dresscode,
van 6PM
theCage-173183 (Hamburg)

Tom Saloon

Pulverteich 17 Hamburg

from 10PM
Tom Saloon-81150 (Hamburg)
30/06/2015 - TOM needs you
02/07/2015 - Thirsty Thursday

136 CLUB

Reeperbahn 136 Hamburg


Silbersacktwiete 1 Hamburg
Its difficult to find , but the find us
vanaf 22:00 uuur din gesloten


Danzigerstraße 70 Hamburg

Cafe Gnosa

Lange Reihe 93 Hamburg
Located just right in the heart of gay Hamburg (Lange Reihe, St.Georg), it is a place for
ma - zon : 10:00 tot 01:00 uur

Cafe Uhrlaub

Lange Reihe 63 Hamburg

8:00 - 02:00 uur

Das Dorf

Lange Reihe 39 Hamburg

ma - zat : vanaf 18:00 uur zon : vanaf 17:00 uur


Dragonerstall 11 Hamburg

Hein & Fiete

Pulverteich 21 Hamburg
Der Schwule Infoladen


Lincolnstraße 6 Hamburg


Kirchenallee 39 Hamburg
nearby Main Station, Opera cafe . Nightclub

Kyti Voo

Lange Reihe 82 Hamburg
bar - bistro - terras

La Strada

Rostockerstraße 8 Hamburg
nice bar with nice boys (R) and good music
vanaf 20:00 uur weekend 24/24


Steindamm 14 Hamburg
The new gay sauna in the heart of Hamburg
ma - don : 13.00-01.00 uur vrij+zat :13.00-03.00 uur zon: 13.00-01.00 uur

Pick Up

Zimmerpforte 2 Hamburg


Rostockerstraße 20 Hamburg

woe-don vanaf 20:00 h vrij-zat vanaf 22:00 uur zon vanaf 18:00 uur

Spund Cafe

Mohlenhofstraße 3 Hamburg

ma-zat: 10-24 uur, zon: 15-24 uur


RostockerStraße 14 Hamburg

Toom Peerstall

Clemens-Schultz-Straße 43 Hamburg

ma - zon : vanaf 20:00 uur

Willi 's

Rathausstraße 12 Hamburg

12:00 tot 24:00 uur

Apollo Sauna

Max-BrauerAllee 277 Hamburg
12:00 - 22:00 uur


Talstraße 3 Hamburg