Tuesday 04 August 2015


The gay area is located near the main trainstation HBF to Oststrasse. Known street is the Bismarck Strasse. The Gay bars are located around that street and old town.In july there is a pink monday fair near the Rhein.
Dusseldorf is in short distance of Cologne (Koln). Koln Hbf - Dusseldorf Hbf : Train RE1,RE5,S6 (not S11). Preisstuffen (zones) 1-5. Daytravelcard (tagesticket) also for local train RE, metro U+ S bahn, tram, bus

Club Night-Lounge

Corneliusstraße 1 Düsseldorf

Club Night-Lounge-111150 (Dusseldorf)

K1 Club

Bismarkstraße 93 Düsseldorf
popular bar ,
from 4PM to ...
K1 Club-113150 (Dusseldorf)
04/08/2015 - Darten & Würfeln
05/08/2015 - Darten & Würfeln


Charlottenstraße 47 Düsseldorf
gaybar with shows and entertainment
10PM -4AM
Musk-113150 (Dusseldorf)

Come-Back Gay & Boysclub

Charlottenstraße 60 Düsseldorf
Enter at Bismarckstrasse ery small , well known gaybar Cafe-Bar. Serving cool drinks and some
Come-Back-121150 (Dusseldorf)

Wilma Next Generatio

Charlottenstraße 62 Düsseldorf
small gaylokal for young and older
Mon-Sun:7PM to 5AM
Wilma Next Generation-113150 (Dusseldorf)

Ludwigs Bier & Brot

Mertensgasse 11 Düsseldorf
In old town .
Ludwigs Bier & Brot-113150 (Dusseldorf)

Sauna Phoenix

Platanenstraße 11a Düsseldorf

Mon-Fri:12AM -6AM Sat + Sun:12PM/12PM
Sauna Phoenix-97150 (Dusseldorf)


Charlottenstraße 62 Düsseldorf
woe - zat : 21:00 - 03:00 zon: 17:00

05/08/2015 - After Work Party


Bahnstraße 63 Düsseldorf

Bel Air

Oststraße 116 Düsseldorf
the finest club in Dusseldorf
vanaf 9:00 uur

Bistro Levent

Gruppellostraße 32 Düsseldorf

Cafe Bar Piranha

Bilker Allee 110 Düsseldorf
bar for lesbians, gays and friends


Klosterstraße 68A Düsseldorf

ma- don : 15:00 tot 01:00 uur vij + zat : 15:00 - 03:00 uur

Gay World

Bismarckstraße 84 Düsseldorf
shop with cinema


Hafenstraße 11 Düsseldorf
allways busy
vanaf 18:00 uur zat vanaf 12:00 zon vanaf 15:00


Jahnstraße 2a Düsseldorf

Zum Golden Einhorn

Ratingerstraße 18 Düsseldorf

El Sombrero

Grupellopstraße 8 Düsseldorf




11th.CSD Duesseldorf and parade on Saturday.
For a total of 11 times the Düsseldorf Gay community try to prove to make on the last weekend in May, a CSD at the Johannes - Rau-Platz for all visitors

Two new party in Düsseldorf and Essen

The 25th anniversary of Musk Düsseldorf

Euro Songcontest 2011 in Düsseldorf