Pride Festival has started with the Mini-Pride

Brussel. The parade is the folkloric version of the big parade to be held later during the Pride Festival and ignores the Manneken-Pis. Mini Pride starts with an opening reception at City Hall, followed by a procession with mostly activists and a brass band.

Particularly that from this year many monuments, also will be the Town Hall on the main square in rainbow colors during the Pride festival.

This year's The Pride Festival focuses on trans issues and takes up the cudgels on behalf of the trans community. "All cultural aspects of the community and its demands and rights will be included," explains spokesperson François Massoz-Fouillien. The Belgian Pride Festival has many particular activities in an extensive programme.

Gay Pride in Brussels still continues on May 14, but the route of the procession will be adjusted. Normally leaves out the colorful procession to the Stock Exchange (behind City Hall) , but because it has become a place of mourning, the organization in conjunction with the city of Brussels certainly not along the square. They now go to the Mont des Arts (MuntBerg) , behind Central Station.

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source / author : Chille Deman


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