Thursday 02 Oct. 2014

Mr Bear Weekend 2014

Brussel. The next weekend bear in Brussels will take place from 17 to 19 October 2014. Brussels BEAR!

With a varied program Bear Weekend will start. The highlight is the Mister Bear 2014 elections Saturday. On Sunday, after midnight we know who is Mr Bear Belgium 2014.

The program: Friday 17 October 2014: </ b>

17 Hr-Hr 21 Aperitif at the bar station BXL with presentation of the candidates Mr Bear Belgium in 2015.  

21-02 Hr TECHNICOLOBEARDS 80's night DJ La Musicologue at the Bar Le Baroque

02-05 Hr AFTER party with DJ MIKE CONRATH "Mr BEAR GERMANY 2013" at the Stammbar

Partner event in Antwerp: BIG BEAR & boots at The Club (Antwerp)

Saturday 18 October 2014: </ b> 12-15 Hr BRUNCH BELGIAN BEARS & Weekend Package holders at Station Bxl

15-17 Hr Reception with Mr Bear Belgium at Boris Boy Store.

! MAIN EVENT! </ b> 22-05 Hr BEARS TAKE THE THEATRE Magician-ELECTION MR BEAR BELGIUM -> 22hr00-01Hr00 Election mr bear Belgium in 2015 with DJ BRUCE (LILLE) and Surpise act !!! -> 01hr00-05Hr 00 dance with DJ Tommy Marcus (Paris)

Sunday October 19, 2014: </ b> 12 Hr-24 Hr BEAR SPLASH at the sauna Oasis + 12 Hr-Hr 15 Brunch at the saunas restaurant

. 15 Hr Gummy Bears & "cub" cakes free treats au bar "La Reserve"

15-21 Hr Dance n * underwear au Stammbar avec DJ

21hr Let B'Club Med, DJ Authom at the bar "Le Baroque"


The 8th edition of The Cruise in 2018 The 8th edition of The Cruise powered by LA DEMENCE is going back to the Mediterranean Sea with a departure from Barcelona to Palermo, Catania, Malta, Palma de Mallorca and back to Barcelona.

Julien Guilmain is Mister Bear Belgium 2018 Julien Guilmain is Mister Bear Belgium 2018. It was a very successful edition with a sparkling show.

100000 visitors and participants on Antwerp Pride Parade 2017 At the Pride Parade at Antwerp Pride 2017 there were no fewer than 100000 visitors and participants. Also the Love United Festival can count on many celebrating visitors. Rain weather causes less turnout than last year.

New event Pride Night at Antwerp Pride Antwerp Pride Night is a brand new initiative by some of Antwerp's leading openminded parties: Pride Nighton on saterday Antwerp Pride.

Also rainbow zebra crossings in Antwerp to Suikerrui and Minderbroedersrui Antwerp also receives Antwerp Pride rainbow walkways. The two locations are the junction of the Suikerrui with the Ernest Van Dijckkaai and at the intersection of Lange Koepoortstraat with the Minderbroedersrui and St. Paul's Square.

10 years Antwerp Pride 2017 Anniversary edition Ten years Antwerp Pride, ten years 'love united'. The history of these 10 years and the Anniversary edition.

Jaimie Deblieck is Mister Gay Belgium 2017. In the final gala of Mister Gay Belgium on Sunday, May 27, 2017 in Theater Elckerlyc in Antwerp, 18-year-old Jaimie Deblieck from Roeselare (B) chose as Mister Gay Belgium 2017.