Wednesday 17 May 2017

More then 90000 visitors on the 22th Belgian Pride

BRUSSEL. Belgiam Pride is one of the first gay prides in Europe. Like last year, this edition took place on the Mont des Arts.

More then 90000 * visitors on the 22th Belgian Pride 2017 this year. Big sunsine in the afternoon , and lot of music and people all over the country. A big podium was installed on the Albertine Place while the Village, featuring the colors of the rainbow, had extend itself on the Boulevard de l’Empereur and all around the Mont des Arts.

In front of the Square Meeting Centre, there was also find the 'Women’s Square', with its smaller podium animated by Velvet 69.

As for the Parade, it started from the Ravenstein Street. The Parade had march through the narrow streets of Brussels. That is why this year, the floats will be smaller. However, this didn't have a negative impact on the Parade. On the contrary, the delegations had be able to focus on the floats’ decoration, too often neglected in the past. Due to the customized trajectory and experience of previous years, which caused major trucks for delay in small streets, this year, no major trucks are in the parade.

More than 40 groups had participate in the Parade with a fleet of young people behind every fleetcar.

(* 55000 by the police)
By markverb


The order of the Belgian Pride Parade 2017 is as follows:

Rainbowflag du Belgian Pride Parade
We Exist
We are all human!
Genres Pluriels
Arc-en-Ciel Wallonie
Rainbowhouse Brussels
ECOLO - GROEN - écolo j - jong Groen
Hello Bank!
EGOW - English Speaking Gay Organization for Women
Sensoa & Ex Aequo
Trainbow Belgium Odisee Hogeschool & KU Leuven & ASR & Stuvoplus
Association "Fiertés Lille Pride"
MR / OPEN VLD (Gestion & Action Libérale asbl)
Egalité - LGBTI staff of EU institutions, Stand up for Europe et Queer Stagiaires
Mister Gay Belgium II
N-VA Regenboognetwerk
MasterCard Europe
Youth 4 Equality
Brussels Gay Sports
CD&V Regenboognetwerk
Polyamory Belgium
LGBT+ - werkgroep van de PVDA
FGTB Bruxelles
Werkgroep biseksualiteit (çavaria)
Antwerp Pride
Chez Maman
Défi Jeunes
CLUB 3000
Proctor & Gamble (LGBT & Ally - netwerk GABLE)
CrossFit Power Factory
City Parade

Bars and clubs in Brussel


Julien Guilmain is Mister Bear Belgium 2018 Julien Guilmain is Mister Bear Belgium 2018. It was a very successful edition with a sparkling show.

100000 visitors and participants on Antwerp Pride Parade 2017 At the Pride Parade at Antwerp Pride 2017 there were no fewer than 100000 visitors and participants. Also the Love United Festival can count on many celebrating visitors. Rain weather causes less turnout than last year.

New event Pride Night at Antwerp Pride Antwerp Pride Night is a brand new initiative by some of Antwerp's leading openminded parties: Pride Nighton on saterday Antwerp Pride.

Also rainbow zebra crossings in Antwerp to Suikerrui and Minderbroedersrui Antwerp also receives Antwerp Pride rainbow walkways. The two locations are the junction of the Suikerrui with the Ernest Van Dijckkaai and at the intersection of Lange Koepoortstraat with the Minderbroedersrui and St. Paul's Square.

10 years Antwerp Pride 2017 Anniversary edition Ten years Antwerp Pride, ten years 'love united'. The history of these 10 years and the Anniversary edition.

Jaimie Deblieck is Mister Gay Belgium 2017. In the final gala of Mister Gay Belgium on Sunday, May 27, 2017 in Theater Elckerlyc in Antwerp, 18-year-old Jaimie Deblieck from Roeselare (B) chose as Mister Gay Belgium 2017.

Leather and F*tish pride Belgium From 15-20 February 2017, the 8th edition of Leather & F*tish Pride Belgium will take place in Antwerp.