Antwerp Pride 2011 has started

Antwerpen. The fourth edition of Antwerp Pride 2011 has started this week and have a varied program. The unofficial theme this year is "Respect". Certainly the street-attack in Brussels last weekend in which a gay man was attacked in the street, Is there stiil need for gay pride today because many of their gayrights are fulfilled? Recently in France, gay marriage has banned by a major conservative party. These are the images, that young gay men see every day in the news. The idea is that gay people stay in the closet by this various negative reports. (coming out) By street visible of gays, this pride will be also a message to everyone. Therefore, this pride is for everyone. According to Philip Heylen, citymember council of Tourism in Antwerp, Antwerp is a very open city where gay people feels good. Along with the pride, there are countless activities. There is the European Youth Capital Antwerp (AEYC) of European Capital of young.

On Thursday, June 23 is the a opening party at the Pink house.

Friday is already the main attraction PINK Friday on the program with the support of gayclub Redandblue with a show provide by music group GetReady at 7PM. Pink hats are available in gay bars Ortelius and Popi. Lesbians has a own party Circus de Love. For the big boys there is A HARD NIGHT at Petrol Club Antwerp. Saturday is the mainday many different Accession. Several gay bars have nice evenings. There is the pinky fair clearance sale will animate the Kammenstraat, there is the multicultural street festival BorgerRio in Borgerhout and stat at 16.00 an outdoor party WAVE in the garden of the Old Customs office on the Eilandje. This will be followed by a indoorparty Gorgeous in room Club Industria. Both parties recieve a mixed, gay-friendly audience. For gay men, there is the famous party Salvation at Redandblue and both parties wiil recieve many visitors. Sunday is no day of rest, but the big activity will be at the Town Hall (Grote Markt) Closing the festival will start at 13.00 pm and a DJ will warm up the audience. At 16.15 pm, following the recent event in Brussels, a flute concert from 1 minute for 'Respect'. Whistles will be handed out on location. Possible at other locations too. <hr/> Some practical information. There are less than seven events this weekend in Antwerp. The summer festival (South), the BorgerRio (Borgerhout), Antwerp harbor open house (MAS), the GayPride (Center), the European Youth Capital Antwerp (Green City),... Be sure you had the right event and location. CarParking?? All museums are free for visitors Antwerp Pride (excl some national museums). All parties has entrance fee except the closing the festival and Pink Friday. The thick booklet program is widely available in gaylocations. [Photo: Michael (Young Well, Not Straight), Philip Heylen (Alderman), Bart Abeel (Antwerp Pride), Alex Dingemans (Antwerp Youth Capital)]
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Bars and clubs in Antwerpen


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