Tuesday 27 June 2017


23:00 h La Demence Brussel


    La Demence - Fuse Club (Blaes)

Blaesstraat 208   208 Rue Blaes       Brussels
Famous Gay party on some evenings ( read party calendar). Saterday is never La Demence gay event , but a ordinary mix disco la fuse , ( not excl. Gay )

  : some days only - see calendar

-Brussel / Bruxelles Midi
    GAY    ringdoor

(Sundays and certain nights before holidays). Gay clubbing with style. Hard music for hard core boys who prefer torso exposed than in T-shirt show. International public of thirties and older.3 rooms, different DJ, comic acts. Near Brussels South station, (Bruxelles-Midi)parking and surveillance in South Avenue area. Book best tickets for Jan. 1 edition.
(3 € for 24h) special LA DEMENCE tariff valid from Friday 22:00 till Monday 07:00 with non-stop FREE SHUTTLE service (5 min.) between the parking and the entrance of the club.
Parking Porte de Hal (interparking) Boulevard de Waterloolaan 103 1000 Brussels

(sometimes party at other location ! . Saterday never La Demence PARTY at Fuse Club ,Rue Blaes)

see Brussels
Last Update 02/06/2017