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Antwerp Pride events 2017

Antwerp Pride 2017 turns completely Antwerp with several parties, sporting events, exhibitions and cultural activities.
The highlight is the parade Saturday and Clossingfestival on Sunday
During the parade and closing ceremony, large backpacks and bags are not allowed. On Sundays, there is limited access at the closing ceremony.Be early ! Limited capacity .
On Sunday, August 13, the Closing Festival on the Grand Market is mandatory. The poster would jealousy any self-respecting pop festival, or what did you think of names like Sarah Bettens, Belle Perez, Liliane Saint-Pierre, and even Army Of Lovers? As a cherry on the cake there is also a surprise act. Be sure to be on time because if the Grand Market is full, it will be closed.
Important: Tuesday 15th August is a holiday. So an extra party calendar on monday 14 aug.

Train works Brussels-Amsterdam: Werken trein Brussel -Amsterdam

  • 100000 visitors on Antwerp Pride Parade 2017
    At the Pride Parade at Antwerp Pride 2017 there were no fewer than 100000 visitors and participants. Also the Love United Festival can count on many celebrating visitors. Rain weather causes less turnout than last year.
  • New event Pride Night at Antwerp Pride
    Antwerp Pride Night is a brand new initiative by some of Antwerp's leading openminded parties: Pride Nighton on saterday Antwerp Pride.
  • Also rainbow zebra crossings in Antwerp on Antwerp
    Antwerp also receives Antwerp Pride rainbow walkways. The two locations are the junction of the Suikerrui with the Ernest Van Dijckkaai and at the intersection of Lange Koepoortstraat with the Minderbroedersrui and St. Paul's Square.
  • 10 years Antwerp Pride 2017 Anniversary edition
    Ten years Antwerp Pride, ten years 'love united'. The history of these 10 years and the Anniversary edition.
  • 90,000 visitors to the Antwerp Pride Parade
    More than 90,000 visitors to the Antwerp Pride Parade Saturday. Antwerp Pride Parade was with 52 delegations greater than ever.
  • Pride Festival has started with the Mini-Pride
    The Pride Festival weeks are started with the mini-pride. The Mini Pride starts with an opening reception at City Hall, followed by a procession with mostly activists and a brass band. The Route of parade is changed.
  • Antwerp Pride 2015 has started
    Antwerp Pride 2015 has started today. A festival full of events for aims of equality and diveriteit. The main event will be the parade of cars and groups on Saterday.
  • Antwerppride 2013
    5.000 LGBTQI and gay people close worldOutgames 2013 in Antwerp.
    In the port city of Antwerp, Belgium, the worldOutgames 2013 were officially closed.
  • Antwerp Pride 5th Edition
    Celebrating the fifth Pride in the City with an extensive programme and with a first parade on saturday and many parties.
  • Antwerp Pride 2011 has started
    The fourth edition of Antwerp Pride 2011 has started this week and have a varied program.
    The unofficial theme this year is "Respect".


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