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Bart Varakas is Mister Leather Belgium 2018

Antwerpen [24/02/2018]
In Belgium Leather Pride Bart Varakas was elected Mister Leather Belgium 2018. Bart won from four participating candidates,
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LeatherPride Belgium 2018

Antwerpen [20/02/2018]
For the 9the edition of the LeatherPride Belgium in 2018, the go further to taking it to the next level.Each year many new and innovative initiatives are added to the programme.

Mr Leather Europe Joe King about everyone wellcome

Antwerpen [16/02/2018]
Everybody Wellcome seeks to address issues around the lack of inclusivity in the European leather scene. Presentation by Mr Leather Europe Joe King.

United Queens

Antwerpen [16/01/2018]
Some call them transvestites, the other Drag Queens. They choose themselves often for the name Show Queen.
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The 8th edition of The Cruise in 2018

Cruises [25/11/2017]
The 8th edition of The Cruise powered by LA DEMENCE is going back to the Mediterranean Sea with a departure from Barcelona to Palermo, Catania, Malta, Palma de Mallorca and back to Barcelona.
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Julien Guilmain is Mister Bear Belgium 2018

Brussel [16/10/2017]
Julien Guilmain is Mister Bear Belgium 2018. It was a very successful edition with a sparkling show.

10 years Antwerp Pride 2017 Anniversary edition

Antwerpen [05/07/2017]
Ten years Antwerp Pride, ten years 'love united'. The history of these 10 years and the Anniversary edition.

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Julien Guilmain is Mister Bear Belgium 2018
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 In the final gala of Mister Gay Belgium on Sunday, May 27, 2017 in Theater Elckerlyc in Antwerp, 18-year-old Jaimie Deblieck from Roeselare (B) chose as Mister Gay Belgium 2017.
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