Gaybars may open late hours at Gaypride Amsterdam

Amsterdam. Gaybars may open late hours during Gaypride Amsterdam. The exemptions on opening hours are therefore permitted.

The city of Amsterdam sent a letter to gaybars in City Center Amsterdam that they should no longer be allowed to stay open late during the Gaypride Weekend.

That causes a lot of unrest at the gaybars, who sometimes had permission to have afterparties. That admission was withdrawn immediately last week.

The city councel had revers this letter at Wednesday after consultation with the organizer of the Gaypride Amsterdam. The "wrong letter" came after the decision that noise noise during Gay Pride should not deviate from other days. That decision came because of complaints from residents in the Center district.

That coupling was rushed and rejecting waivers at the opening hours of catering businesses does not contribute to the purpose of the municipality and the police: reducing pressure and nuisance by spontaneous partying on the streets.

But the noise problem still exists and will be checked. The café owners will have to do enough to prevent the noise and nuisance around their bars. For the inhabitants during the gay pride, the town had decided to move public festivals and adjust the direction of the Canal Parade.

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