Wednesday 17 Sept. 2014
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5th HustlaBall Berlin Circuit Weekend 2014 will be Bigger and Better
Once again we proudly present the 5th HustlaBall Berlin Circuit Weekend from 16th 20th October 2014; comprising eight fuelled events that will take place all over town. Bigger and better.
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Stuart Hatton Jr is Mister Gay World 2014
The title of Mr Gay World 2014 goes to Stuart Hatton Jr from the United Kingdom who was a strong candidate throughout the whole competition in Rome.

G-A-Y present Conchita Wurst
G-A-Y present Conchita Wurst. Last time was on the GAY Pride in London this year and make her debut a few months back in Heaven. Now she is back in Heaven Saturday, August 23.

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 Antwerp pride parade 2014
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